The Scopeco Story
Hi! My name is Jeff. I own this little piece of cyber space. You are welcome to look around. I am expanding all of the time. Check the whats new section for updates and return often. Write me at and tell me how you like my whimsical corner of the world.

If you are bored, try some online games.
Here is the everquest link
here is a link to utopia

New Stuff
Hi All,

Well it's once around the seasons and the vernal equinox has passed. I guess im a slug for not keeping my loyal audience up on all of the goings on in the mighty Scopeco family of enterprises.  I have been away from my beloved web audience but my heart has always been here with you.  Anyway I have been inspired to start updating this fine fine piece of valuable cyber real estate.  Over the next few weeks Ill be shutting down some of the links to places that don't exist (well .. who would have guessed that satellite cacheing wouldnt take off) and Ill be putting up some new schtuff for your enjoyment.

One of the exciting features that you have all come to love is back! I will be reprinting my conspiracy pieces and adding new ones.  We will start off with the two most requested from our vaults and go from there. I'll be taking down the poems but if I get any feedback, I just might put them back up. Enjoy..