Scope Books
Available Books
The following books are available as soon as I get around to making more:

The Scope Goes Downtown
The Scope Walks His Dog
The Scope Comes to Stay
The Scope Meets the Dude


The Scope Says it All: An Anthology

If you want one, mail me and I will see what I can do for you.

By the way, kids love em and most adults with PhDs in Higher Education or Chemistry really love em too!

COMING SOON! Get all of your favorite Scope stories "On The Web!!" I'll be putting pdf files up here so you can just down load them! They are copyrighted so dont go getting any ideas about publishing these gems. Scope Stories are for children of all ages! Another fine service from Scopeco!

Guess What! The first new Scope book in seven years is now being assembled! The Scopes fans are even more excited by this event than the news about the next Harry Potter book! Keep a book mark on this space to find out when to get your copy of "The Scope Goes to Commencement". It promises to be the media event of the decade!
The Scope books are about a disembodied arm that wanders around by itself getting in to mischief. Its kinda like "Curious George" but with body parts instead of monkeys. You will have to approach this with a healthy sense of humor:-)