Slutty Ankle Bracelets
Want them?
Everyone has ankles, right? And people are getting more and more of their body parts tattoo'd and pierced and decorated in some way! Well, I think that ankles are the big neglected body part and that needs fixing!

I have been thinking of going into a very tiny niche market! How would you like your very own slutty ankle bracelet?
They make great gifts!

New from Scopeco! We will be including a line of Slutty Ankle Bracelets with a duck on them! Photos coming soon. Remember, all of your friends will envy you and this is the only place you can get them:-) If they want em, Tell em to go hgdkfuf LOL!

Special Offer! All Slutty Ankle Bracelets orders will be hand delivered! Don't wait! Order today!

Good News
Guess what!  The Slutty Ankle Bracelets with a Duck on them are back and better than ever! Our new supplier, Gabrielle, has created a masterpiece. Twice the slutty in every bracelet. Write me at if you want one. They are "the bomb". To get them directly try